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What is Acidity?

Acidity is a group of symptoms that is caused by excess acid produced by the gastric glands present in the stomach. Gastric is produced naturally in the stomach and helps in digestion and breaking down of food.

Excess production of acid is triggered due to acidic foods, dehydration, alcohol and stress, thus giving rise to acidity.

What are causative factors for Acidity?

1.       Binge eating.

2.       Consuming food stuff such as chocolates, fatty food, spicy food, non-vegetarian food and coffee.

3.       Smoking, tobacco chewing, alcohol.

4.       Intake of medicines such as aspirin, antibiotics, NSAIDs.

5.       Stress and depression.

6.       GERD, peptic ulcer

How do homeopathy medicines work for Acidity?

Homeopathy addresses the underlying causes of the symptom and aid the body in healing itself.

Homeopathic medicines for acidity are effective in treating both acute and chronic acidity. The various antacids prescribed in the conventional mode offer only a temporary relief, while homeopathic treatment promises to give a permanent acidity cure.

Homeopathy, being a non-toxic form of medication, can be very useful for treating acidity and some of the medications are Carbo Veg, Nux Vomica, Arsenicum Album, Natrum Carb.