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Cough and Cold

Cough and Cold

Homeopathy Care for Cough and Cold!


Cough and Cold refers to one of the common viral illnesses that have no specific treatment. Common cough and cold is a viral infection of nose and throat that can be happen by different viruses, mostly rhinoviruses. On an average, adults may get three to four colds a year but young children may get even more.

Following are the common symptoms of common cough and cold


·         runny nose

·         whooping cough

·         Sneeze

·         get fever

·         Headache

·         body ache

·         loss of taste

·         loss of smell

·         sore throat

How homeopathic medicines work for your Cough and Cold?


Homeopathic medicine are mild and can prove to be one of the best for your common cough and cold. All Homeopathic medicines of cough and cold are naturally safe and have no harmful side effects. You can cure your common cough and cold by using homeopathicremeies.