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Dandruff is a chronic scalp condition marked by skin flaking on your scalp. Dandruff isn’t contagious or serious but it can be embarrassing and sometimes very difficult to treat.

In other words Dandruff is a condition that involves shedding of dead cells from the skin of the scalp. However, it is not just confined to the head and can affect the ears, eyebrows, the nose sides, facial hair, as well as the pubic hair. It can occur on any part of the body with hair follicles.

What are causative factors for Dandruff?

Dandruff affects millions of an individual of all age groups from teenage years to adulthood. It is more common and more likely to occur in people who have oily skin, certain illnesses, or immune disorders. It also affect individuals who have untidy hair, or don’t wash their hair regularly, or are stressed out.


Dandruff happens due to:


·         –   Dry skin during winters

·         –   Scalp Infections like eczema psoriasis

·         –  Nutritional deficiency

·         –   Poor hair hygiene

·         –   Dermatitis

·        –    Mental stress

·        –    Not shampooing enough

·         –   Wrong skin and hair care products


How do homeopathic medicines work for your Dandruff?

Homeopathy cures the dandruff in general. Raghav’s homeopathic treatment concentrates on the patient as a whole, and additionally their neurotic situation.

The homeopathic medicines are chosen
after a full diagnosis and case-investigation of the patient. This includes the
patient medical history, physical and mental constitution and so forth. Here are a few homeopathic medicines for dandruff include:


1.       Thuja occidentalis: This is used for white, textured dandruff with dry hair and flakes that keep falling everywhere.

2.       Natrum muriaticum:This is for patients who take this usually have dandruff and an oily and sleek scalp.

3.       Kali sulphuricum: This is usually effective in the later stages of dandruff where there is a lot of swelling and inflammation.

4.       Graphites: People use this for dryness of scalp, or a sticky and itchy sensation on the scalp, which gives a foul smell.

5.       Carboneum sulphuratum: Chronic skin diseases with much itching are cured by it and extremely useful for patients separated by abuse of liquor.