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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is characterised by the situation when a man has difficulty in getting a firm erection or an erection, which is required to achieve sexual penetration. Several cases of erectile dysfunction can cause man impotency.

But in today’s scenario we can treat Erectile Dysfunction with homeopathic medicines without any side effects before that we need to understand the right cause of Erectile Dysfunction so that right homeopathic treatment can be used.

What are causative factors for Erectile Dysfunction(ED)?

  1. Any issues in the blood flow, proper hormone secretion, and nervous supply in the body may cause erectile dysfunction.
  2. Erectile dysfunction also occurs due to vascular causes along with neurological causes.
  3. Atherosclerosis is a disorder that often leads to erectile dysfunction and commonly caused because of smoking and diabetes. The main cause of ED as arteries to the penis become narrow and clogged.
  4. Neuropathy occurs due to diabetes, known as diabetic neuropathy, is a primary neurological cause of erectile dysfunction. Nerve damage on account of surgery around the pelvis area may cause erectile dysfunction.
  5. High blood pressure  damages arteries all over the vascular system. Blood flow is impaired and proper erection is prohibited, which lead to erectile dysfunction.

How do homeopathy work for your Erectile Dysfunction(ED)?

Erectile dysfunction affects the man self-esteem and confidence as he is unable to have sex. Homeopathic treatment should be used to cure erectile dysfunction.

There are top homeopathic medicines used to treat Impotency problem in male. These homeopathic medicines are used by experience homeopathy professional and does not any side effect, that why people are more moving towards it.

  1. Agnus Castus: Homeopathic medicine Agnus Castus is used where there is a complete inability to attain penile erection during the sexual act.
  2. Caladium: Homeopathic medicine Caladium helps for the treatment of erectile dysfunction when the male is unable to have an erection despite having a sexual desire or urge.
  3. Lycopodium: Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium is used for both young people and elderly people suffering from erectile dysfunction.