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Fungal infection

Fungal infection

Everything you need to know about Fungal Infection & Its homeopathic treatments

Fungal infection is also known as mycosis caused by fungus. There are millions of species of fungi present and in humans, fungal infection occurs when the immunity of the person goes down, giving the chance for fungus to invade the body and grow.

  • RINGWORM INFECTION: Fungal Infection occurring on hand and limbs are known as Ringworm Infection. 
  • TINEA CAPITIS: Fungal Infection affecting scalp and shaftof hair and gives a dandruff-like appearance.
  • TINEA PEDIS:  Fungal Infection affecting the skin on feet, often between your toes and there is a burning, itching, stinging sensation. And many more types of fungal infection.

What are causative factors for Fungal Infections?



Yeast, molds and other kinds of fungus lead to fungal infections. Most fungi don’t cause disease in an individual, but a few do. Some infections are opportunistic, meaning they usually don’t cause infections, but can take advantage of certain situations, such
as a weakened immune system.



Howdo homeopathic medicines work for your Fungal Infection?



Homeopathic medicines for fungal infection work by restoring the natural healing processes that helps in fighting fungal infections. Homeopathy helps heal rashes and reduce signs such as itching, burning, discharges, and pain.


Homeopathic Medicines for Fungal Infections


The top homeopathy remedies to deal with fungal infection are Sepia, Tellurium, Graphites, Sulphur, Silicea, Thuja, AntimoniumCrudum, Bacillinum, Borax and Pulsatilla.