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Hair Loss

Hair Loss



Hair Loss – Can Homeopathy Solve The Problem?

Yes, homeopathy medicines are beneficial as a remedy for hair loss problems. Homeopathy medicines can even help to regrow
after the hair thinning.

Hair loss is a problem that affects most male and female at any point in their lifetime. Eventually, hair loss changes your overall appearance. Hence, fighting against rapid hair loss becomes the most crucial aspect of hair loss problems.

 What are causative factors for Hair Loss?

Near about 100 hair strands fall out from your scalp every day. It is normal because the growth of hair is also a continuous process. In most cases,
the hair fall or loss happens due to genetic issues. It can be so severe that you may become bald after a certain period of time, even if you are very young.
It is commonly known as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Nearly fifty percent of hair loss occurs due to only this reason. Again, few other
causes are also there which instigate the rapid hair loss due to –

·         – Dandruff

·         – Skin disease like eczema

·         – Atopic dermatitis

·         – Traction

·         – Hair dying

·         – Chemical-based hair products like shampoos

·         – Specific medical issues such as anemia, thyroid,

·         – Side effects of certain drugs


·         – Chemotherapy

Even oral contraceptive pills can lead you to short-term loss of hair. In this case, women may see hair loss and bald in their partition line.

How Do Homeopathic Medicines Work For Your Hair Loss ?

Homeopathy medicines have the ability to prevent hair loss issues and grow new hairs. 

Here are few names of homeopathic medicines which can cure hair loss issues:

Natrum Muriaticum- If you are experiencing hair loss after childbirth, it can help you a lot and control dandruff

Thuja- If hair and scalp are very dry with an itching sensation and scaly dandruff, we recommend you Thuja.

Lycopodium- It is useful in hair fall due to pregnancy, menopause, and other ovarian issues.

Phosphorus- It is another beneficial remedy for your hair loss problems.

Flouric Acid- If you face hair loss in patches, then fluoric acid helps to prevent hair loss.

Arnica Montana Q- It rejuvenates scalp and stimulates the follicles of hair.

Ceanothus Americanus Q- It controls hair fall by strengthening the root of your hair.

At Raghav Homeopathy, treatment for all hair concerns is done at a deeper level andthese treatments also help in a dandruff-free scalp. Homeopathy along with client-specific hair care suggestions and treatments help in completely stopping hair loss, enhancing hair regrowth, and improving its quality and texture.