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Hyperacidity refers to ‘excess of acid’ or ‘hyper-secretion of acid from stomach’, when taken in relation to GIT. But not all patients who come to the healthcare provider complaining of ‘acidity’ suffer from hyperacidity in true sense.

  What are causative factors of Hyperacidity?

  • – Idiopathic
  • – Prolonged ingestion of aspirin or some anti-inflammatory drugs
  • – Prolonged alcohol ingestion
  • – Spicy and highly seasoned eating food like chilly, pickles, etc.
  • – Stress is also cause for hyperacidity
  • – Heavy smoking
  • – Increased alcohol intake

·        Foods that upset the stomach and don’t suit an individual, including those who are lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant.

What to eat if you have Hyperacidity?

If you have hyperacidity, try to eat

1. Plain food, non-spicy and non-oily food

2.  More fruits

3.  More curds and have more buttermilk and cold milk.

4.  Eat white pumpkin-based dishes.

5.   Eat regularly but in small quantities.

How homeopathic medicines work for your Hyperacidity?

Homeopathic medicines of hyperacidity is safe and gentle, without side-effects. And homeopathy treats in totality, leading to an actual cure, rather than a temporary suppression of symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies can help deal with anxiety, depression, and stress along with digestive problems or issues. It will attend to nutritional issues and help the patient develop a healthier body.

Most important Homeopathy works on the principle of cures. For acute problems, the homeopathic treatment would include some medicines, such as:

1. Nux Vomica

2. Lycopodium Clavatum

3. Robinia Pseudoacacia