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Liver disease

Liver disease

Liver disease refers to a condition in which the liver does not function properly due to long-term damage. This disease comes on slowly over months and earlier there are often no symptoms.


  What are causative factors of Liver Disease?

  Main causative factors of Liver Disease include

 Chronic Hepatitis C

Alcohol-related liver disease. 

 Hepatitis C

 Autoimmune  hepatitis

 Genetic Conditions

Hemochromatosis – iron accumulates in the liver and other body parts

Wilson’s disease – copper accumulates in the liver and other body parts

Budd-Chiari syndrome

There is thrombosis in the hepatic vein, the blood vessel that carries blood from the liver, leading to liver enlargement and the collateral vessels development.


Symptoms of Liver Disease


They include:

  1. tiredness and weakness
  2. bruising easily
  3. itchy skin
  4. skin yellowing and whites of eyes
  5. fluid buildup in abdomen (ascites)
  6. appetite loss
  7. nausea and vomiting
  8. swelling in legs (oedema)
  9. weight loss
  10. very black, dark or tarry stool (poo)
  11. confusion, drowsiness and slurred speech
  12. fever and shivering


How homeopathic medicines work for your Liver Disease?



Homeopathic medicine treat the cause of liver disease such as viral infections, genetic tendency, alcohol bad effects and metabolic changes.

Homeopathy helps to control the scarring of tissues. And if homoeopathy has started at the early stageit is possible to restore the altered function of the liver.