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Low Libido

Low Libido

Low Libido refers to lack of interest in sexual activity can affect people of all ages which can be a stressful and delicate problem. A comprehensive solution to this problem is homeopathic treatment for low libido.

Homeopathy identifies not only the physical signs but also the psychological and emotional factors that may be involved in a decline in sexual desire. Homeopathic treatments seek to restore equilibrium, revitalize the body and naturally improve one’s sexual vigor by uncovering the underlying causes, as anxiety, hormone imbalances, or emotional problems.

Symptoms of Low Libido

Most cases present with loss of sexual desire over time. If it is sudden, one may have to rule out neurological problems or issues. Less interest in sex, aversion to sex and lack of joy in sexual act are some of the symptoms include.

Ask yourself following questions to determine if your sex drive is decreasing:

·         Is the sexual act becoming less frequent?

·         Does it so occur that your partner has to put attempt to arouse you?

·         Is it so that your partner says: “you do not seem to enjoy sex as much now a day.”?

·         No more condoms at home!

·         Feeling lazy to “start”

·         Sex has become less dynamic?

·         Ask your partner, if he/she has observed change in your pattern of sex desire

How do homeopathy work for your Low Libido?

Homeopathy helps to treat the underlying disorder which may be responsible for low sex drive. There are number of cases in which low libido may be present without any other disease in the back ground. Homeopathy offers best results in improving low sex drive. It helps in following ways:

·         Treating the underlying disease

·         Treatment of Erectile dysfunction

·         Lesser stress and improving your stress coping system

·         Replacing your antidepressant and anti-anxiety medicines

·         Enhancing moods and stimulating your sex drive

Homeopathy is strongly recommended in the cases of Low Libido.