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Low sperm count

Low sperm count


Low Sperm Count -Can Homeopathy Help Treat It?


Low sperm count or Oligospermia refers to a medical condition wherein the sperm concentration in the ejaculation is low. As per World Health Organisation, a low sperm count is defined as a count of less than 15 million sperms/millilitres and is associated with problems in conceiving because of a lesser count of sperms in the semen.

Azoospermia, on the other hand, is the male fertility problem when the sperm count is zero.

How do homeopathy work for your Low Sperm Count?

Homeopathic treatment is the most effective treatment of Oligospermia and to treat Azoospermia, as it improves sperm count, motility, semen quality, semen viscosity, the quality of sperms, erection dysfunctions, hormonal imbalances, and it has higher rate of success and is safest and fastest procedure for the treatments.

There are some homeopathic remedies for Low Sperm Count:

  1. Aurum Met: Aurum Met is recommended when the cause behind is a varicocele.
  2. Caladium: This is used for treating the patients with weak or decreased sexual powers, the reasons for which might include tobacco usage.
  3. Conium: This homeopathic medicine is effective to increase the sperm count caused by orchitis when testes swell and become enlarged.
  4. Hamamelis: This medicine is used to improve the sperm count when the cause of the lesser sperms is a varicocele.