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Male infertility

Male infertility

Male infertility refers to any health issue in a man that does not allow him to impregnate a woman.

What are causative factors for Male Infertility?

The various factors that can lead to infertility of male include:

·      Low production of sperm

·      Immobile sperm

·      Malformed sperm

·      Blockages that prevent delivery of sperm to the semen

These conditions may be caused due to infections, psychological problems, illness, injuries or exposure to certain environmental factors.


Mostly men do not notice any significant symptoms other than their inability to conceive a child. However, some of the symptoms include:

·      Problems with sexual function – Erectile dysfunction, problems in ejaculation or small amounts of sperm being ejaculated

·      Inability to smell

·      Gynecomastia

·      Having a lower than normal sperm count

·      Pain, swelling on testicle area

How do homeopathy work for your Male Infertility?

The homeopathy treatment starts off initially with the following tests:

·      Local examination of genitals

·      Semen analysis

·      Serum hormone levels

·      Testicular biopsy

·      Chromosomal test

·      Immunological test

Off late, more and more couples are turning to homeopathy as a solution to cure male infertility. Homeopathy does not look at infertility as a disorder, but as an imbalance to be corrected. It can eradicate the very cause of infertility by understanding the body as a whole and all physiological and psychological factors.


How homeopathic treatment is helpful for male infertility?

To succeed in homeopathic treatment, must follow all the natural and effective methods. Some of the top ones are:

·      You should not smoke as it causes adverse effects on production and quality of sperm. To increase the pregnancy success, you should quit smoking.

·      Do not drink too alcohol, be it male or female. Alcohol intake increases levels of testosterone in the body.

·      Do not take soy products.

·      Increase intake of fresh juice

·      Keep yourself hydrate, don’t forget to drink water

·      Don’t have too many supplements.