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Neck pain

Neck pain


Neck pain is a very common problem found in an individual who are habituated with a wrong posture for extended periods in a day, day after day. An old age people and arthritis contribute to neck pain, even younger individuals who sit for hours in front of a computer screen or just generally have a faulty posture may also subjected to neck pains. The main reason for Neck pain is usually due to cervical spondylitis


What are causative factors of Neck Pain?


1.       Misaligned hips,

2.       Misaligned Spine,

3.       Misaligned shoulders,

4.       A constantly forward-tilted head,

5.       Lack of movement of the head from one specific position


Mostly neck pains are cured by topical muscle relaxants, those who have a severe condition may not be able to touch their chest with their chin, may have a loss of strength in one arm, may have shooting pain in one arm or shoulder, or may experience a sudden change in the habits of bowel. In these situations, cervical spondylosis treatment in homeopathy without any side effects is best available.


How homeopathic medicines work for your Neck Pain?


Various homeopathic remedies are now available to treat cervical spondylosis with other signs, according to the condition of patients, homeopathic medicine can be given:


1.       Cimicifuga: This homeopathic is usually recommended when the neck pain radiates out and is almost like an electric shock spreading to the left arm. 

2.       Chelidonium: This homeopathic remedy is usually suggested when the neck pain is associated with heaviness and tenderness.

3.       Gelsemium: Homeopathic medicine for neck sprain used when soreness and tenderness in the neck region along with a persistent headache.