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Piles is a disorder of the anal canal and the veins in this region get affected. They swell as blood stagnates inside them and causes discomfort while passing stool from the anal.

The most common symptoms of piles are bleeding and pain at the time of excretion of the stool.For most of the piles patients, sitting or standing becomes a tedious task.

What are causative factors for Piles?

The main reason behind the occurrence of piles is a patient’s sedentary lifestyle.

Many people consume a lot of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in our regular meals. But, we forget to take up physical exercises. This, in turn, leads to rapid increase in body weight and hampers the activity of our digestive system. As a result, patients develop piles.

How do homeopathic medicines work for your Piles?

Homeopathy is quite safe and an effective method to get rid of the piles problem. It doesn’t have any side effect on the patient’s health. It doesn’t include any painful surgery for piles removal.Moreover, homoeopathy is budget-friendly. Here are some effective homoeopathic medicines, incuring piles:

1. Hamamelis: This is useful in stopping the bleeding in piles and cure any venous congestion andbleeding. 

2. Ratanhia: It gives relief from the pain due to piles. 

3. Graphites: It is given to a patient suffering from both constipation and piles